Then and Now: Trophyline ® Updates

By: Team Trophyline ®

Trophyline ®, the originator of the tree saddle, is back with an updated saddle that will keep you ultra-safe and ultra-comfortable. It’s called the Ambush Lite and it still maintains the classic design we all know and love while providing some modern updates. The mesh fabric makes this saddle our most lightweight model yet and the webbing is just as strong as it's always been.

What's New?

Trophyline ® went off the market twelve years ago, so there have of course been updates in technology since then. We’ve revamped the original saddle with all of the benefits of updated technology, while still keeping the original Trophyline ® DNA intact. The new tree saddles will use the same nylon webbing from the original saddles, but with the advancements in fabric that have been made since 2007.

The new saddles are also safer than ever. All of Trophyline’s ® Tree Saddles ® are put through third-party testing to ensure that they are up to safety standards. We care about our customers’ safety and strive to make sure that every saddle is approved. You name it, our third-party company has tested it; such as the nylon webbing, the mesh, and the stitch points.

A New Adjustable Waist Belt

Our saddles have always been safe; it’s virtually impossible to fall out of them if they are used correctly. We’ve added a waist belt to make the new model even safer. You step into the belt, like pants, and adjust it so that it fits tightly around your waist. The sliding fastener makes it adjustable to all body types. The waist belt creates another safety feature that ensures you won’t fall out if you use it properly. We offer two sizes: medium/large and large/extra-large. The medium/large fits a 28-36 inch waist. The large/extra-large fits a size 37-42 inch waist. The belts are designed to be cinched to the exact size of the hunter, with an infinite amount of adjustments within the size parameters. For example, a hunter that has a 32.5 inch waist can buy the medium/large size and cinch the belt at exactly 32.5 inches. There are no holes in the belt that limit the size options and force you to make the belt too tight or too loose. The sliding loop allows you to cinch the belt at your exact measurement. This also makes the belt more comfortable and easier to wear while your walking around in the woods, travelling from location to location. It is not cumbersome or awkward. It fits perfectly to your waist.

Our design creates a hammock, fully supporting your back and lower extremities. This makes our saddles more comfortable for all day sits. We listened to what tree saddle users had to say in online forums and ensured that our relaunched saddles had a cleaner, more tailored fit.

Ready for the Reboot

With the growth of social media, we’re excited to be able to showcase exactly how tree saddles work through videos and visual tutorials this time around. We’re happy to be able to show potential tree saddle hunters how it all works and what makes tree saddles so reliable.

Trophyline ® will always be the name you associate with tree saddles ®, but we’re also looking forward to launching other new products that further aide hunters in the art of tree saddle ® hunting. We’re looking forward to bringing you this new line of saddles that keeps the integrity of the old design, while incorporating modern technology. We hope you continue to enjoy Trophyline ® tree saddles ® and all future products.